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Intelligent Automation across your business processes


Conga offers a suite of solutions that address contract automation, document automation, and data automation needs. We streamline tasks run from Salesforce to save users time, improve compliance and control, and increase business insights.

Right-Sized Solutions

Conga offers modular solutions with different tiers of functionality to provide our customers with the right solution at the right price. This allows customers to start with a package that meets their current needs that can grow as their needs grow.

Product Expertise

For over a decade, Conga and Novatus CLM have provided world-class solutions both on and off the Salesforce platform. Boasting one of the top applications on the AppExchange, Conga’s solutions have been used to generate over 250,000,000 documents, including contracts, quotes, invoices and more. Our expertise has resulted in over 5.5M contracts being created per year and enabled hundreds of thousands of Sales, Legal, Procurement and other business users to do contracting work in their preferred environments.

Global Reach

Conga has a strong global presence so customers can address their data security and privacy, system response time, sales, and support needs within North America, EMEA, or APAC. Dedicated IT infrastructure, sales, leadership, and top-rated support sit in-region, with language capabilities that support English, French, German, Spanish and more. Our global reach means 24-7 regional technical and sales customer support.

Five-Star Support

Many companies promise stellar support to win your business, but don’t deliver the experience you expect post-sale. Conga has over 1,300 publicly-available reviews, and we consistently receive five-star ratings specifically for our support team. When was the last time you got off a support call and felt so compelled by your experience that you went online to write a public review? Our support team is just that good, so you don’t have to worry about what happens after you buy.


At Conga, we believe the faster you can implement, the sooner you see real change in your business and realize ROI. Our approach to implementation starts with choice. Whether you want to implement yourself, work with one of our system integrator partners, or use our in-house professional services team, you are in good hands. Our clear and detailed professional services packages ensure you know what to expect by the end of an assisted implementation. If implementing yourself, you can use one of our pre-built, industry-specific Quick Starts or use the templates, knowledge-base articles, and customer training videos available to Conga customers for free at Conga University.

Salesforce Partnership

As a Salesforce Platinum partner, we have more than 9,000 customers and 635,000 users in 45 countries. We are dedicated to the success of Salesforce users and continue to build functionality on the Salesforce platform to enhance everyday activities.

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